Tuesday, February 22, 2011

George Washington

The person that i admire is Georg Washington for these reasons; he was the first President of the United States, he led Amricans to victory in the revolutionary war,he also helped with the French and Indian war, he was famous for crossing the Delaware river in the winter to attack the hessian army. As  President he built a strang well-financed national government that avoided war, suppressed rebellion and won acceptance among Americans of all types...
 George Washington become known as "The Father of  our Country"  because he crated earliest days. He is an important person in the history of the United States.        

Monday, February 14, 2011

My goals at Cañada :)

What learning resources have you used at Canada College?
At Canada College I  utilized Conseling because I was a little confused about some of the classes that I was taking so I needed some advice and it really worked because the Conseler explained everything to me, and she also  told me that I am doing good as well. Conseling is very important because if you have any questions they will assist for you, and they will find a resolution for everything for example:I ask  if is a good idea to get two or more classes when you have to work a fulltime job.  
I also utilized Financial Aid because if I want to keep up with my education I needed a little help especially if i have a part time job because i dont have enough money to pay the real fees, that's something ill really love about the collage it is a good idea to have this service for all the people who wants to keep up with school and they cant afforded. My resolution is to be a good English speaker and a profesional Fashon Design as well.
In a future I will utilize MESA or Library..........