Monday, February 14, 2011

My goals at Cañada :)

What learning resources have you used at Canada College?
At Canada College I  utilized Conseling because I was a little confused about some of the classes that I was taking so I needed some advice and it really worked because the Conseler explained everything to me, and she also  told me that I am doing good as well. Conseling is very important because if you have any questions they will assist for you, and they will find a resolution for everything for example:I ask  if is a good idea to get two or more classes when you have to work a fulltime job.  
I also utilized Financial Aid because if I want to keep up with my education I needed a little help especially if i have a part time job because i dont have enough money to pay the real fees, that's something ill really love about the collage it is a good idea to have this service for all the people who wants to keep up with school and they cant afforded. My resolution is to be a good English speaker and a profesional Fashon Design as well.
In a future I will utilize MESA or Library..........  

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