Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The wether and what people think abou it.

For the last couple of days the weather has being crazy. One day is claudy and raining, and another day is sunny and beautiful. Some people thinks that rain is an obstacule to get out the house and have fun. In my opinion I dont think that's true. On the other hand some people gets more motivated when is raining because they enjoed reading a book or simply watch TV.  People think that it has to be sunny to go out and have fun. I do not think that's true but all people is different, some people like the rain and some people dont. Sometime I do complain of the weather because I am here making some plans for a little BBQ an all of setting is start rainnig. However, I think rain can also make some people feel a little depress, but if they have a cup of hot chocolate with a pice of pan mexicano that will make their day, and there will not be an obstacle to enjoy the raining day. 

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